Exploring the increased interest in DS topics using Kaggle’s annual survey

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While software development is still the programming job of choice in the country, Data Science’s popularity in Nigeria has continually increased over the years as numerous Nigerians find themselves captivated by its potential and gainfully engaged in the space.

However, there…

A look into the Top 200 Spotify weekly streams in South Africa from 11 October 2019 to 23 October 2020

While patterns can be found in music from different places, tastes in music are a valid part of the human identity, with researchers over the years looking into correlations between…

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#MMW1 2021


Amazon, as an organization, started on the premise of book sales, with the ‘low cost and universal demand’ of books as well as a business model that took advantage of the internet and its growth capabilities, the business succeeded early.

In 2020, Amazon has been cemented in their role as…

By Sooter Saalu

Last Analysis made on SEP. 16. 2020

A look at the NBA playoff battle between the Denver Nuggets and the Utah Jazz will have you wowed by the absolute masterclass of scoring ability, and the will to win shown by both teams over the course of 7…

Sooter Saalu

Researcher | Data Analyst | Psychology Graduate

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